First Class Team
A first-class investment management team with extensive experience in investment management both home and abroad.The investment team has outstanding track records and has won numerous awards from AsianInvestor Achievement Awards, The Asset Benchmark Awards, China Securities Journal Golden Bull Awards, and etc(TEAM for specific awards
Leading Incentive Mechanism
Interests and
Incentive Mechanism
Ensuring that the interests of
fund manager and investors
are fully aligned
Profit Sharing Mechanism
The fund managers
are rewarded by sharing
their investment profits
ESOP for Key Personnel
Talent Oriented and
Investment Oriented
Bonus Deferral and
Risk Margin Mechanism
Emphasizing Team Stability
and Business Compliance
Shareholder Support
Largest worldwide internet
platform and ecosystem
One of the largest investment
management firm in Asia
Innovative technology makes everything possible
Big data, AI
Reaching target customers
seamlessly and accurately
Creating superior
product experience